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We are passionate about connecting deeper to the living world around us. We share this by running camps, workshops, trips and regular group meetings. Our main focus is on Wild Food, Earth Skills and Pilgrimage.

David Kerrell

Naturalist, Bushcrafter, Musician, Pilgrim

David grew up in the North Wessex downs. In love with his valley, it’s woods, fields and wildlife. He feels a great pull to connect to the land around him through his passions for wildlife, wild food, earth skills, and history. He is happiest when playing games, singing together around the fire and sharing his passions with others. David has trained in primitive skills, wild food, mentoring and awareness with various schools in the UK and Austria.

Angelika Mangold

Landscaper, Geomancer, Connection Weaver

Angelika grew up in Austria at the Lake of Constance. Since she was a child she has been touched by the landscape and all her living beings. Her work as a landscape architect is dedicated to supporting people in connecting more deeply to their living surrounding. Angelika loves being outside and getting in touch also with the non-visible qualities of place. She is a passionate cook and baker.
Harvesting wild foods and transforming them into meals gives her great joy.

Where are we

We are based around East Bodensee, Central Europe aswell as running events in the South West of England


TBC – Spring wild food days
3.6.20 – Cornish Coastal Camp
July TBC – Summer Camp
Ongoing – Living Hearth local meet up

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